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officers face charges this morning more than a year after a violent incident is caught on camera at a local college. a slain student is remembered today and president obama's major meeting at the u.n.. how it could change the course for the quest for peace in the middle east. "good morning washington" begins now at 5:00 a.m. >> and good morning to you, washington. 5:00 now on this wednesday september 21. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa baden in just a few minutes. first, steve. how are you, steve? >> i'm doing well. temperatures not so bad for
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early wednesday in the middle of september. culpeper at 64. frederick and hagerstown also at 64 degrees. little bit of fog beginning to develop across the potomac highlands, the shenandoah valley. the local airports are looking at visibilities around four to five miles per hour. don't expect any delays this morning. a few snow showers the forecast later on today. grab the umbrella as you head out the door. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. here is lisa with a look at traffic. >> the green slight on i-95. -- light on i-95. we go live on the geico camera.
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there was a crash on i-70 west at route 97. police are on their way. >> 5:01 now. we begin with a grand jury indicts two police officers for their beating of a maryland student. this attack happened after the terps men basketball team defeated duke. good morning. >> good morning to you. this all started about a year and a half ago and now after a grand jury handed down indictments, two officers are facing very serious charges and it all stems from this video. captured by a student camera in college park, three prince jornl's county police officers
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are seen taking down a sitting university of maryland student jack mckenna back in march. 18 months later two of those officers face first and second-degree assault charges. >> these are the types of things you could not forget. you could not possibly forget. >> the officers have been charged with misconduct. several officers flooded the streets that night after a big basketball win over duke. >> i don't see anything that he could say that would invoke that kind of action from police officers. >> the state's attorney said the decision to bring charges against police officers is a difficult one. the grandfather said it doesn't go far enough. >> why the third guy got off the hook, i don't know. >> now the police chief issued this statement following all of this that the prince george's
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county police department respects today's grand jury indictments and is committed to constitutional, professional and ethicaling. we continue to collaborate with prince george's county state's attorney on this indictment on all matters. the family of mckenna said they would like to see justice served. >> a murdered state university student will be remembered at a vigil tonight. the service will allow the community to celebrate dominique frazier's wife. her roommate stabbed her to death after they arked about music playing on an ipod. we'll have more on vigil coming up. >> we have a developing story
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from the white house. a man is charged with unlawful entry after jumping over a fence. the secret service agents quickly caught the man. he had a backpack on him but it didn't contain anything dangerous in it. no one was hurt there. the president and first lady were not hurt at the time. >> a convicted cop killer is scheduled to die tonight barring any last-minute intervention. dozens of people gathered in d.c. to protest plans to execute troy davis who was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer back in 1989. several witnesses have changed their testimony since then. also today president obama is in new york for meetings at the u.n. >> that's right. you can look for a potential showdown between palestinian statehood and it is going to be between the united states and the middle east. >> it is an argument the united
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nations has taken up for years recognizing palestine as an independent state. with face-to-face meetings scheduled for today, president obama is preparing for a delicate dance over long-standing dispute. the battle over a border disputed for decades is now headed to new york. mahmoud abbas is going ask the united nations to recognize palestine as an independent state once and for all. on the other side, opposing that, israel's prime minister netanyahu. >> president obama is caught in the middle. >> obama heads to the united nations today. heads of his administration have been busy behind the scenes hoping to dance around the diplomatic showdown.
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u.s. officials are hoping to resume peace talks, talks palestinians say have failed time and again and talks republican bs are using to take aim at obama's foreign policy. >> this administration encouraged the palestinians to shun direct talks. >> after pounding away at obama's policies for weeks now this is giving republicans a new round of ammunition as g.o.pers are calling his approach navy and air -- naive and arrogant. >> we have breaking news coming in from iran at this hour where two american hikers held for more than two years could soon be free a a lawyer said the appeal to pave the way for their release has been approved. they were tried and convicted of
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spying and sentenced to eight years in prison. 65 degrees. >> still ahead on the show. the on the other hand don't ask/don't tell. one soldier's emotional admission spreading like wild fire online. >> the couple therefore leaving right now is -- >> we're going to reveal the first celebrity cast off from this season of "dancing with the stars." >> first another check on your weather and your traffic every
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>> not too bad in terms of temperatures on our wednesday morning. already in the mid 60's. the clouds kept our temperatures up compared to yesterday at this time. now 6 at dulles. head over to eastern -- now 67 at dulles. now head over to eastern -- baltimore reporting at 67. patchy dense fog out to the west in petersburg and cumberland. visibility down to less than 1/2 of a mile. gaithersburg reporting visibility of half a mile.
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highs in the 70's. a look at the extended hour coming up in few minutes but first off to lisa baden. >> is it crazy out there? no, not too bad but the fog is really rolling in for some. we are going to be having an interesting morning. i've been doing this 20 years next month. kind of excited. some of the worst accidents that i can remember over that span have been because of fog. be careful and respectful of fog. when it is icy and snowy out, you're cautious but fog, nah. be very careful. 9 5 the slowdown coming. out of fredericksburg,. >> speaking of traffic some busy moggets county intersections are -- montgomery
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county intersections are getting an upgrade. >> route 355 and route 118 in german town. route 182 and norwood road in colesville. some intersections are already under construction. work on others is going to begin soon. time now is 5:13. 65 degrees this morning. >> after the break what police plan to do today to track down a sex assault suspect targeting one local neighborhood. >> new developments in the tainted cantaloupe. which state reported another deadly case.
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>> looking at the day ahead now investigators will go door to door looking for information on
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two recent sexual assaults. police say a young woman was attacked friday night by pennsylvania avenue and walters lane. another woman was attacked less than a mile away on september 8. joining forces to prevent bullying. an anti-bullying summit is being held today in d.c.. u.s. education secretary arnie duncan will deliver the keynote address. supports of gay rights gathered to mark the official end to have military's don't ask -- of the military's don't ask/don't tell policy. leon panetta called the repeal to have 18-year-old policy an historic day for the nation and the military. one service member marked the end of don't ask/don't tell by
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coming out to his family. >> i'm gay. i always have been. i've known this forever. >> he is stationed in germany. he called his father in alabama to tell him that he is gay. his father told him he still loves him. he gradually came out using youtube videos but until now hasn't shown his face. new this morning another person has died from a listeria outbreak. 35 people in 10 states have gotten sick. the outbreak is traced to cantaloupes grown in southeastern colorado. a reason to make sure your teenagers get as much sleep as they can. new research found sleep-deprived teens might pay
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the price later in life. one study says overweight teens who don't get enough shut-eye could have disruptions in insulin scretion and blood sugar and could put them at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. >> it is time to throw ah away all of these google -- >> in today's tech bites google says it plays fair. c.e.o. said an anti-trust investigation is just a result of sour grapes by competitors. the company also tell them that google's search engine takes people to its own sites rather than best site available.
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most didge cal cameras will -- digital cameras will fit in the palm of your hand but how about the tip of your finger? it weighs less than an ounce and measures one square inch. the price is just about $100. >> all right. the results are in! >> that's right, this morning one pair that is dubious distinction of being the first couple kicked off the new season of "dancing with the stars". >> metta and peta. >> got to go. ron artest now known as metta world peace is going home as is his professional partner peta. the two received the lowest score on last night's show. there was a poll. hope solo is the favorite.
5:20 am
45% say she is the best. in second place, j.r. martinez with 17% and in third place chaz bono with 7%. will ron change his name back to ron and no more michigan etta? >> -- metta? >> i hope he just changes that hair back from that horrible dennis rodman era -- >> it is dennis rodmanesque. >> now the one to watch i guess is nancy grace. >> i have to take a better look. how is the weather out there? >> not so bad if you're closer to district but we have some dense fog beginning to get a little thicker out there especially north and west of the d.c. metro. the wind on the east/northeast just about five miles per hour. these are the latest visibilities for you.
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cumberland petersburg, culpeper down to two miles. gaiters bugg down to gaithersburg down to a half mile of visibility. slow down and take it easy so you can get from point a to point b sasme. satellite and radar yes, the clouds will hang around for the day. not expecting anything to become severe. a better chance for stronger storms will come tomorrow afternoon and into friday afternoon. this is our futurecast, the next 48 hours. grab the umbrellas as you head out the door today. scattered showers. heavier showers midday into the afternoon hours. forecast for the day 74-79. overnight temperatures fall into the 60's with patchy fog once again and tomorrow 75-80 degrees. a quick look at the extended outlook shows a nice weekend
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coming up. a 30% chance for morning showers on saturday clearing off beautifully on sunday. head over to and check out our latest blogs weather blogs. some interesting ones on there. once again head over to lisa baden with a look at traffic. >> everyone is reporting normal service for us system-wise. no problems through annapolis. good on 95 and 295 between washington and baltimore. i-70 west at maryland, the cooksville exit, we had a crash. 270 southbound behaving out of frederick, montgomery county. that's where we see the most action. still good as far as germantown traffic. 66 and 9 5 we're going to -- 95, we're going to find some
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slowdowns now. we'll be back in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. we're going to have to celebrate 20 years of you reporting the traffic. 5:22 now and 65 degrees. >> coming up, the puck drops on preseason. how the caps fared against predators. and the extraordinary bond of 4-year-old conjoined twins.
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>> winds it down the right-field line. it is a fair ball. >> the boston red sox are redefining the meaning of a september -- in baseball. it is really more of a nosedive. the sox were in first place at the first of the month. since then, the sox have lost 15-20 games. >> ouch. >> and they are left clinging to a wild card spot with just a two-game lead over the tampa bay rays. here is tim with the rest of the morning's sports. >> good morning, wear. let's start with hockey. the capitals played their first preseason game against the predators. let me take you back to the mariner arena. first hockey game in baltimore since 1997.
5:27 am
everybody excited. weber, mueller. in the crease, 1-0 predators. 8:59 in the third. caps lose 2-0. the best shot of the night came from a fan. drove a three-inch puck through an eight-inch hole. he is from virginia. he wins a year's supply of dr. pepper. meanwhile, baseball, the mets swept the phillies. missouri is being courted by the s.e.c. west virginia is being turned down by the s.e.c. there is a busy look at your forning sports. have -- morning sports. have a great morning everybody. >> the fight free two american hikers jailed in iran. >> an international showdown set to take place on u.s. soil.
5:28 am
i'll let you know why president obama is stuck in the middle coming up. >> a little bit of patchy fog outside now. what does rest of the day
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>> we're followingbreak breaking news this morning. two american hikers jailed in iran on the verge of making their way home. we have the details for you. good morning washington. 5:30 on this wednesday september 21. rise and shine. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. steve here with our first check on the forecast. hi steve. >> hi, we're looking at some dense fog across the northern
5:31 am
and western part s of our area. temperatures not to bad for this time of year, this early in the morning, holding in the mid 60's. 63 at reagan international. gaithersburg 64. visibility one-half mile at gaithersburg. petersburg also looking at limited visibility. the airport reagan national and dulles, visibility two miles. better news there. showers in the forecast for the midday hours and into the afternoon and even a few rumbles of thunder possible, not expecting anything severe. high temperatures 74-79 degrees. a look at the extended outlook in a few minutes but lisa, early morning rush hour commute not very good. >> that's so true.
5:32 am
could be a deer standing in the middle of the highway. wait until you're sure before you cross into an intersection. leesburg sterling, centreville traffic looks o k ok on 28. look at all the headlights through the fog. we'll go back inside. >> thanks. 5:32 now. following breaking news this morning from iran. that's where attorneys for two jailed americans say a bail deal has been approved. this now clearing the way for their release. they have been in custody for more than two years now. they were convicted of spying but denied doing anything wrong. they said they were hiking in iraq and accidentally crossed the border into iran.
5:33 am
attorneys for the two americans said he will go to prison to begin the procedures for their release. a individual sl scheduled later today to remember a murdered college student. dominique frazier was stabbed by her roommate. here is her story. >> dominique frazier who called herself bonnie loved to write poetry. in fact, she posted several videos of herself reading poetry on youtube. the 18-year-old university student was murdered last week on the second floor of her residence. her suite mate 19-year-old alexis simpson is to blame. >> simpson turned off an ipod
5:34 am
her suite mates were listening to and they got upset when she refused to turn it back on. the argument ended with simpson stabbing frazier in the neck. >> it is very sad. it is not supposed to be like that. >> alexis simpson sits in jail facing several charges including first-degree murder. >> a grand jury indicted two prince george's county police officers in connection with the beating of a maryland student. this video shows the officers taking down and beating jack mckenna after the basketball game in march 2010. register naled baker and james harris -- reginald baker and james harrisson are facing charges. a convicted cop killer is scheduled to die tonight barring
5:35 am
any last-minute intervention. people gathered to protest plans to execute troy davis. he was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer in 1989. his attorneys say several witnesses have changed their testimony. and look for a potential showdown at the united nations today. the issue, palestinian statehood. this morning president obama finds himself right in the middle of this middle east conflict. we have a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning. this is an argument that the united nations has taken up for years reck recognizing palestine as an independent state. president obama is preparing for a delicate dance over the long-standing dispute. mahmoud abbas is going to ask the united nations to recognize palestine as an independent state once and for all.
5:36 am
opposing that is israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. caught in n the middle president obama. the idea of a palestinian state is something u.s. has already threatened to veto a risky move that could tarnish america's image in the arab world. instead, the u.s. is hoping to resume peace talks. >> at the end of the day peace is going to have to be made between the parties. that it can't be opposed from the outside, that it can't be accomplished through actions of the united nations. >> this is giving republicans who want to take his job a new round of ammunition. some g.o.pers are calling his approach to the situation naive and arrogant. >> thank you. time now 5:36.
5:37 am
54 degrees. still to come here on "good morning washington". pay attention or pay the price. where speed camera penalties are set to take effect. and a bear gets up close and personal with a pair of fishermen in virginia. >> first, we have another check on traffic and weather. a very foggy morning out there. stay with us. yo
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>> support the 15 million americans are food allergies by walking with us in the food allergy network on september 24. register at >> good morning, washington! >> no problems with the temperatures on this wednesday morning. a bigger problem with visibility, especially to the north and west of the d.c. area. looking outside this hour, quantico at 65. 64 in gaithersburg. the same in frederick. our visibility is now down to less than a mile in cumberland. gaithersburg still about a half mile. the airport, dulles, reagan national and b.w.i. marshall looking at visibility of two to five miles good news in terms of preventing any delays for the morning hours. here is our radar showing a few
5:41 am
showers and thunderstorms. in the forecast later on today. not expecting anything severe. nothing major. 74-79 degrees. nighttime lows will fall into the 60's. a little bit of patchy fog. the day tomorrow looking good. the highs not so bad into the 70's. let's get a look at lisa with traffic. >> nothing major to report now. as far as traffic marching its way through some fog banks this morning out of the neighborhood, it is a little bit dicey. interstate and belt way travel is handling its own. you're going slow down in woodbridge. the worst is between 80 and 109. no accidents to report on the belt way now and we're good from our friends in the distribute. the rails running on normal service. more to compton traffic -- to
5:42 am
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>> our top stories this morning. we're following breaking news where two attorneys for two jailed americans say a bail deal has been approved. they have been in custody for more than two years. they were convicted of spying but deny doing anything wrong. president obama will urge the palestinians to drop their bid for statehood when he addresses the united nation's general assembly later on today. the u.s. has threatened to veto
5:46 am
the move. the president is scheduled to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders. the last two months of hurricane season could be active ones. a forecaster is predicting four more hurricanes between now and november. two could become major storms. this comes as tropical storm ophelia churns in the atlantic. that's the last news we need. we're going to get to a story you saw first on abc 7 and two prince george's county police officers are now facing charges. they are accused of beating a university of maryland student. it happened after the means basketball team defeated duke 3. -- duke. good morning. >> good morning. it all happened here along this street in college park. now two officers, register nalt -- reginald baker and james
5:47 am
harrison are facing very serious charges including first-degree assault as well as misconduct in office. this video that a student photographer here at the university of maryland shot led to these charges. it was back in march of 2010 that you see student jack mckenna approaching the police and then the police pounce on them him. after that incident, a grand jury handed down an dime. a lawyer for one of the officers said this is not about police misconduct. it is about lawlessness. students and the family of jack mckenna say it went too far. >> things got out of hand a little bit and as you can see, after that, the cops came out with force, but it seems it was a little above and beyond what should have been taking place. >> these are the kinds of things that you don't forget. you can't not possibly forget. >> now family of mckenna said
5:48 am
they just want to see justice served. in a statement, the prince george's county police chief issued a statement saying he respects the grand jury indictment and is committed to constitutional, professional and ethical policing. we continue to collaborate with prince george's county state's attorney on this incident. >> thanks so much. we have a warning this morning for drivers in prince george's counties. starting today cameras will be turned on around nearly two dozen schools. drives caught going more than 12 miles over the speed limit will face a $40 fine. the cameras can only be used monday through friday between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. you can find a list of where
5:49 am
they will be on >> federal prosecutors say full tilt poker took more than $400 million from players' accounts to run the site and pay its board of directors. the site was shut down in april. the new allegations were added just yesterday. company executives previously denied any wrongdoing. peta is going x-rated trying to get its message across. they will set up a pornographic website with videos and photos to support its animal rights message. peta says the site will allow it to reach a much broader audience. your look at traffic and weather this morning. i'm a little bit concerned when i hear it could be an active hurricane season. >> it is the middle of september and we have a couple of months ago. we have ophelia.
5:50 am
no threat right now. let's talk about our weather. dense fog could cause some travel delays early this morning. the wind out of the east/northeast at six miles per hour. head down to distribute at 63 and temperatures are holding in the 60's for the most part. a mild start to our wednesday morning. 61 at win chest r. quantico at 65. visibility less than a mile in western maryland. west virginia looking at a 1/3 of a mile. visibility at the local airports about five miles. the fog can creep up on you rather quickly. satellite and radar mostly cloudy skies now. we'll look for mostly cloudy skies throughout the day with a chance of some showers. a better chance for thunderstorms will come tomorrow and into the day on friday with
5:51 am
hems in the with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. grab the umbrella just in case. there is about a 40% chance you'll need it. temperatures fall into the 60's. the day tomorrow, 75-80 degrees. here is the extended outlook showing our high in the upper 70's the for the upcoming weekend with just a chance for a shower on saturday. we have a new weather blog just posted about an hour ago on the potential for more hurricanes in the atlantic. more details on that on our website. lisa baden has a look at traffic. >> fredericksburg on the brain because of a crash. route three is close. you'll have to follow police direction. to direction needed on 95. heavier volume will give you travel times in your favor. working well is the greenway.
5:52 am
66 slowing in centreville. 270, no delays between father hurley boulevard to the belt way. around the belt way the green light, although the heavier volume spotted everyone still behaving in the district. >> thanks. 5:52 now. teens will have to save up more if they want to hit the open road road. >> a target on bank of america. they cleaned up a mess on a proposed property owned by bank of america and decided to make a special deposit at their local b of a branch. the banker refused to take the deposit.
5:53 am
an official protest is scheduled for next week. meanwhile wall street getting a fresh housing report on existing home sales today. economists we surveyed predict august sales to have risen but not enough to make up for the drop we had in july. 60% of american moms and dads with teenagers wielding driver's license are pumping the brakes on spending related to their kids' driving. the bad economy is impacting how much parents are willing to spend on cars for their kids and other things like registration fees, insurance and gas. back over to you. >> thank you. >> gas is definitely a big one. >> i know. it just doesn't end. >> time now 5:53. about 65 degrees [ baby coughing, labored breathing ]
5:54 am
[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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>> listen to this story. an unexpected encounter near a monday the rural virginia. >> a father and son were out fishing this weekend and they came face-to-face with a black bear. >> don't move too sudden. >> i'll say. that encounter took place near roanoke. it was all caught on tape. >> i wanted to get some pictures oifert. he kept coming. -- of it.
5:57 am
he kept coming. i said he is coming over here to hang with us and he did. >> the wildlife expert we talked with said the men are actually very lucky to be alive. experts say if you ever encounter a bear, back up slowly and don't make any loud noises and whatever you do, do not run away. i think i can add to that advice. don't get up close to take pictures. >> did you see how close the one guy was with his cell phone out? >> he had no fear. >> there is a lot more still to come in this next hour of "good morning washington". >> coming up, we're live with the latest on our breast breaking -- in our breaking news. the latest in negotiations to free two americans from iran. >> and lisa is here to navigate your morning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. straight ahead breaking news. two americans jailed in iran could be free within the hour. >> and remembering a life cut short. paying tribute to a classmate killed on campus. >> and who is heading home after once been around the ballroom floor.

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